Do you mind what they say?

No one feels good when people talk behind your back or tell you negative comments. The truth is no one appreciates you or is happy about what you are doing. People will always find fault in you. Don’t focus on what people say or think about you. Focus on doing what is right. They might look down on you. They may say you’ll never make, let people’s words build you not destroy you. Use their negativity to make positive achievements in your life. You can always make it. 90% of your friends don’t actually believe in you but believe in yourself and what you can achieve. When you feel like giving up remember of all those people who talked ill about you and work hard.

Too worried…. 😢. Don’t be

You know what, what makes people fail is because we Watch our friends succeed and get ahead of us and we get worried forgetting we all are in different time zones. We forget that everyone has a talent, a gift that makes us unique. Don’t become jealous when a friend succeed or there’s breakthrough in their careers. The truth is your time is coming. Hold on ,work hard. Don’t focus on what other people are doing, focus on improving what you have and make it better day by day. When things seem tough always remember Bill Gates had his worst days and he never gave up and many more. You are not an exception. You can make it. You’re only an inch away to your success story. Learn from people but don’t compare yourself to them..

Broken pieces

She was torn to pieces , her heart broken with no one to mend the pieces together. She was all alone with no one to encourage her. Her world was crumbling down and alone she succumbed to her fears.She drew away from people because rejection was before her very own eyes. She wanted to pray but heaven seemed a million miles away. Crying wasn’t an option because she was afraid of adding waters to the deep waters she was drowning in to. She hoped maybe one someone would come around, atleast give hear to what she has to say. That it wasn’t her fault that she is they way she is. That the trauma is still vivid in her memory and flashes before her eyes every time she closes them. Maybe we would have stopped judging and tell her that’s it’s okay to ask for help that all is gonna be fine and above all if she invites Jesus Christ the Prince of peace, He would come in and calm the waters. Jesus Christ is the only one who can calm the waters we all succumb dying, hoping that someone would come around and save us. He is the only who can save us from depression, trauma and heal our broken hearts


You got to be resilient even if you fail and crumple a million times because resiliency will bring results. The reason as to why many don’t succeed is not because we don’t potential but because we still want to remain in our comfort zones, we don’t want to feel the pain of quit getting out of the dungeon , we don’t want to quit waking up late, we don’t want to quit negative habits, thoughts and we don’t want to feel the pain of being seen as insane. We want our imaginations to become real but we ain’t willing to pay the price because the price tag will require you to sweat. If whatever you are doing doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t bring you self satisfaction quit doing it. If you want your life to be different you must have a reason to wake up early in the morning.You must be ready to fail, raise up again and still try again. Succeeding is simple and easy……but very difficult. This sounds oxymoronic and doesn’t make sense at all. Its easy because the first step to success is changing your mindset and having a resilient attitude that no matter how many times you fail, giving up is not part of the tale. Its simple to make such decision but consistency and discipline will sustain you , now that’s the hard part . Stick to your goals no matter what. You have to apply discipline. succeeding is all about failures, making mistakes ,learning and improving. Success does not define you but you define success. You have to rid of excuses as to why you ain’t getting what you want. Whatever is holding you back from achieving your goals, let yesterday be the last day you did it. Be resilient


Its 3 am in the morning but i’m still awake , the weight of everything that’s happening around me is weighing me down. My thoughts racing in my mind trying to contemplate everything that’s happening in my life. Everything has happened fast. I really don’t know i got myself to this mess. I’m lying there on my bed my pillow soaked with tears, i wish all this was a dream, i wish time would go back and i would remake my decisions. i would make choices that wont drag to shit…… Are you one of these people. Everyday we face depression, rejection, and sometimes we may suffer because of the choices we make. The thing is you don’t have to let all this problems pin you down. Yes they you have made mistakes and people don’t really accept you , the real you, just because you are not meeting their expectations…..You don’t have to go through all this trouble because you can never please everybody and at the end of the day you’ll be frustrated and disappointed. The best way to deal with this is to accept who you are and be proud of your flaws, your mistakes,and be proud of who you are. 80% of youth struggle with low self esteem because they are not accepted for they really are , for them to be accepted they have to copy a certain mode of lifestyle . You were born original, don’t die a photocopy. Be who you are and stop trying tho live someone’s live it wont make you happy but it will cause misery. You want a happy life , be the person that God created to be


The biggest challenge i have ever faced in life is accepting the fact that we fail and that we make mistakes. It took me long to realize that no one is perfect and you don’t have to strain to please anyone because at the end of the day you’ll be frustrated and no one will care the effort you’ve made. Life is personal. If you realize you’ve made a mistake don’t shy off, it’s your ladder to success and if they talk about it , remind them you’ve to fail a thousands time to succeed once. Are you ready to fail a thousands times to succeed once? Are you willing to face the fear of failure which many of us are afraid of? If you want to overcome your demons, face them, face the fear inside of you. I want you each morning when you wake, take three minutes and speak to your mind and declare that you aren’t afraid of making mistakes because they are your stepping stones. No matter what people say, remember the battle is yours alone but when you win everybody celebrates with you. It’s upon you to decide whether you are going to stick to that fitness program until you get the results no matter the mistakes you make or you are going to quite. It’s you to decide whether you’ll teach yourself to wake up 4 am in the morning or you’ll give up after trying for two days. Be kind to yourself and learn to embrace failure. There’s no success without failure.


Choices are neither black nor white, they are grey. They border each other with a thin line.